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Comprehensive Grant And Proposal Writing Services Tailored To Mission-based Businesses, Non-profits, And CDFIs, Maximizing Their Chances Of Success Through Strategic Planning And Meticulous Execution.

Challenges Faced by Pleasant Prairie Nonprofit & CDFI Organizations

Four common obstacles hindering non-profits and CDFIs in securing grants.

Time Shortage

Nonprofits and CDFIs often struggle to allocate enough time to the grant writing process due to their focus on mission-critical activities, leading to rushed or last-minute applications.

Limited Capacity

Organizations with limited staff and resources lack the necessary personnel to dedicate to the extensive process of researching, writing, and submitting grant applications.

Lacking Expertise

Organizations may not possess the specific knowledge and skills in-house to craft a compelling grant proposal, making it challenging to communicate needs and impact effectively to funders.

Unpredictable Cycles

Organizations may not possess the specific knowledge and skills in-house to craft a compelling grant proposal, making it challenging to communicate needs and impact effectively to funders.

Our clients come to us frustrated, overwhelmed, and anxious. They know how to write for complex federal or municipal grants but realize it is time-consuming. Some of our clients feel they need support with writing or with strategy. Our clients prefer to focus on their mission of doing good work instead of writing grant applications.

Profound Hope Industries knows how much work an extensive grant application can be. With decades of experience in community development and writing large grant applications that have won millions of dollars, we have streamlined the grant application with Sarah Hope Marshall’s proven TIME method to help mission-based organizations and CDFIs win more government grants for economic and community development without overextending their capacity.

PHI’s 3-Step Grant Writing Plan

Our 3-Step Grant Writing Plan provides guidance on strategy and delivers a smooth process to a well-written grant that reflects well on your organization.

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1. Build Strategy

Define. Plan. Achieve.

Sarah Hope Marshall Profound Hope Industries B969

2. Collect Documents

Gather. Organize. Prepare.

Profoundhopeindustries Sarahhopemarshall 0172

3. Revise Draft

Write. Enhance. Finalize.

It’s normal for organizations to scramble to retain a grant writer AFTER the funder opens the application. Why risk this anxiety? Wouldn’t you prefer a smooth process? You will have a stronger grant and better experience if you avoid the scramble and choose PHI’s Grant Writing Services instead.

Benefits of Working with PHI for Grant Writing

Unlock the advantages of strategic grant writing services provided by our team.

Enhanced Funding Opportunities

Maximize your chances of securing grants through well-crafted and competitive applications.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Simplify the complex grant writing process and focus on your organization’s core mission.

Strategic Planning Support

Receive expert guidance on developing effective grant strategies tailored to your organization’s goals.

Helping You Succeed

Working with PHI guarantees a strong grant application, a competitive strategy, and a clear business plan—in the best-case scenario, a winning grant!

Our clients have reported feeling more confident and focused, and they can see how their mission/vision is possible.

And Avoid Failure

Without our support, your grant application may not convey your strengths as well as it could, resulting in a less competitive application.

Clients who come to us before our support and service are consistently frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed; we do not want this for you.

Client Testimonials

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Marshall from Profound Hope Industries on a recent project and I cannot speak highly enough of her contributions and expertise. From the outset, she impressed me with her enthusiasm for the project, depth of knowledge, and dedication to delivering usable results. She provided valuable insights and strategic guidance to our Board, which has influenced our direction to achieve our goal of being a strong partner to the low to moderate-income community.
Ericka Gorman, Chief Lending Officer
Redstone Federal Credit Union

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