Strategic Planning

Development Of Customized Strategic Plans, Including Facilitating Workshops, To Align Organizational Goals And Ensure Maximum Impact In Your Efforts.

Strategic Planning Challenges Faced by Social Enterprises & Nonprofits

Three common obstacles hindering organizations with effective strategic planning.

Tunnel Vision

Social enterprises often struggle with being “too far in the weeds” and benefit from an external 50,000-foot perspective to come alongside the organization to develop strategy, tactics, and action steps.

Too Distracted

It is easy to get distracted! Funding priorities shift, and social dynamics can change quickly, demanding unexpected pivots. It is also far too easy to simply copy similar organizations when work is busy! External accountability can improve engagement around strategic goals.

Feeling Overworked

Mission-based leaders often feel overworked as they tirelessly navigate challenging circumstances. Efforts can feel like a repetitive cycle, where progress seems elusive, and it may feel like they find themselves continually circling back to address unresolved issues.

Making an impact sometimes feels aspirational instead of possible, but it is not impossible. Our social challenges have created a greater demand for real solutions that work. Income inequality is rising, political polarization is increasing, and the pace of information makes it harder to stand out.

Our digitally connected environment has heightened social issue awareness, and consumers are increasingly interested in supporting organizations they believe in. Your organization still has to keep its eye on operational efficiency and profitability, employee engagement, and innovation while not losing sight of external challenges. Your organization can be the bridge to a strong, thriving community and increase engagement and impact as a result.

We will help you move your current business model forward so it makes the world a better place. Our approach is rooted in empathy from decades of real, practical experience in community building. We acknowledge the hurdles while equipping you with the tools and support to navigate them successfully.

PHI’s 3-Step Strategic Plan

Here is our 3-step process for social enterprise organizations.

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1. Review & Analyze

Gather existing stories from within your community to understand the current narrative successes.

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2. Update & Facilitate

Update your mission/vision. Facilitate internal discussions.

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3. Strategize & Take Action

Strategize marketing and outreach steps. Develop action steps towards desired outcomes.

Your organization will walk away with a clear, actionable, no-fluff plan of action that will work when executed.
Work with PHI to co-develop your unique market advantage and plan of action.

Benefits of Working with PHI for Strategic Planning

Helping You Succeed

Engaging with PHI and Sarah Hope Marshall streamlines your direction, boosts visibility and impact, and fosters active participation among employees and stakeholders.

Our clients have reported feeling more confident and focused, and they can see how their mission/vision is possible.

And Avoid Failure

Lacking our support, your organization risks stagnating in repetitive patterns, prioritizing tactics over strategy, thereby delaying the achievement of your goals with inefficient planning.

Clients who come to us before receiving our support and service are consistently frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed; we do not want this for you.

Client Testimonials

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Marshall from Profound Hope Industries on a recent project and I cannot speak highly enough of her contributions and expertise. From the outset, she impressed me with her enthusiasm for the project, depth of knowledge, and dedication to delivering usable results. She provided valuable insights and strategic guidance to our Board, which has influenced our direction to achieve our goal of being a strong partner to the low to moderate-income community.
Ericka Gorman, Chief Lending Officer
Redstone Federal Credit Union