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Helping Social Enterprises and Nonprofits Craft A Narrative That Communicates With Impact & Attract New Opportunities

Messaging & Storytelling Challenges Faced by Social Enterprises, CDFIs & Nonprofits

Three common obstacles hinder organizations from implementing effective community messaging and storytelling.

Lacking Time & Skills

Leaders often lack sufficient time to effectively track and record their impact or identify compelling stories unless it is for compliance or reporting purposes. This can be compounded when they do not naturally excel at public messaging, lack a dedicated marketing department, or build an impact program with new Key Performance Indicators.

Struggle With Tracking

Leaders are often challenged with what and how to track their work efficiently, a crucial foundation for narrating their story in a compelling way. Lack of proper framework and expertise in data collection and narrative framing can create overwhelm.

No External Recognition

It is easy for leaders to feel discouraged when their significant efforts fail to gain the external recognition they believe they deserve, especially from potential funders. This can lead to frustration and decreased motivation, impacting overall effectiveness and deterring the pursuit of ambitious projects that require external support.

If more people understood the impact of your work, it would lead to greater community support and engagement.

It’s often challenging to articulate your story effectively when you’re deeply involved in the day-to-day. We’re here to help craft a clear, compelling message that truly resonates.

Sarah Hope Marshall’s insights have earned national recognition across industry-leading podcasts, academic journals, and public speaking engagements, demonstrating Profound Hope Industries’ mastery of effective storytelling and communication.

PHI’s 3-Step Messaging Plan

Here is our 3-step program implementation process for messaging and metrics mastery.

Sarah Hope Marshall Profound Hope Industries Program Implementation C

1. Collect and Curate

Gather existing stories from within your community to understand the current narrative successes.

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2. Engage and Evaluate

Conduct interviews and community discussions to determine key metrics and insights that resonate.

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3. Craft and Communicate

Develop a compelling narrative that effectively communicates your impact and aligns with community values.

By engaging with our process, we will enhance your confidence in articulating the value of your work, ensuring your message resonates clearly and effectively with your audience.

Benefits of Working with PHI for Program Implementation

Helping You Succeed

Leveraging our process, you will experience less pressure during compliance and reporting periods. Always be ready to share your story clearly, whenever an opportunity presents itself, and communicate with such clarity and conciseness that it naturally builds brand ambassadors.

After engaging with our process, clients report experiencing a transformative shift, becoming “visible and attracting new opportunities,” effectively elevating their presence and impact in their respective fields.

And Avoid Failure

Without a clear process, you risk gaps in essential data at reporting times, potentially miss critical opportunities to engage key stakeholders, and are less perceived as a leader in your field. This will ultimately hamper your ability to foster relationships with funders and influencers.

Clients who come to us before receiving our support and service often described themselves as “hidden, best-kept secrets”. We want your community to know about your good work!

Client Testimonials

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Marshall from Profound Hope Industries on a recent project and I cannot speak highly enough of her contributions and expertise. From the outset, she impressed me with her enthusiasm for the project, depth of knowledge, and dedication to delivering usable results. She provided valuable insights and strategic guidance to our Board, which has influenced our direction to achieve our goal of being a strong partner to the low to moderate-income community.
Ericka Gorman, Chief Lending Officer
Redstone Federal Credit Union