Sarah Hope Marshall is a speaker and thought leader in community development and social impact. Her work is informed by her perspective as person living with a lifelong invisible disability. Sarah brings vast expertise to her consulting work, having spent almost two decades in various forms of socially conscious work. She earned her MBA from North Park University in 2010, with a self-designed concentration in community development.  She has worked in direct service, faith based organizations, community organizing and social enterprise before becoming involved in economic empowerment work in 2012 when she joined the credit union industry. She is currently completing an interdisciplinary master’s degree at The University of Chicago, with a focus on the implications of technology on place-based urban development.



Do you need a speaker for your event or conference? Sarah is available to speak, teach, or facilitate your next event.


Sarah specializes in helping organizations align values with business model, improve employee engagement, communicate clearly with stakeholders, and more effectively solve problems in their industry or community. Learn more about services offered.




“Just wanted to say thanks so much for presenting at the conference this week! The support is so much appreciated – and your presentation came up a ton on day two. It was a homerun for sure. Probably the most-cited thing when we asked attendees what they’re going to take back with them from the conference. So kudos to you!”

Tom Sakash, CUNA Small Asset Size Conference Coordinator

Grant Writing

“We absolutely loved working with you on the grants! The grants were VERY WELL written, you took really good care of the client and you were able to get them in well before the deadline. This is a huge relief for us and we will definitely like to work with you on more grants!”

– Scott Butterfield, Your Credit Union Partner


‘The turnaround that Sarah has achieved in two years is remarkable. She has restored North Side to profitability, raised staff morale to the highest level I’ve seen it at in a decade, deftly executed a transition plan for the board while alienating no one, held annual strategic planning sessions, and completed a couple of capital-intensive modernization projects that seemed impossible a couple of years ago.”

– Amy Crawford, Board Member at North Side Community FCU


“The two of us agree that this was the most impactful and satisfying project we’ve worked on together and are so grateful to you.”

– Karen Amore-Spalding, Biomarin Pharmaceutical


If You Want to Run a Business, You Need to Know Your Blind Spots

If You Want to Run a Business, You Need to Know Your Blind Spots

Owners, executives, and bosses hold their own businesses back. That statement might hit a little hard if you fit the description. You might protest and say, “No, it’s the market!” or “it’s the competition!” or “it’s our lack of ___________(fill in the blank with your...

Build Your Company’s Social Impact Plan Before You Need It

Build Your Company’s Social Impact Plan Before You Need It

It turns out business plays an inarguably powerful role in civic life. Over the past week, the world watched in disbelief as Capitol Hill was invaded by Trump supporters, ready to usurp a democratic process. These people, upset by the results of the election, were...

I Had My Diversity Story Backwards

I Had My Diversity Story Backwards

I am a White woman and I have thought long and hard about social justice for many years. I was introduced to racialized poverty twenty-two years ago and it was eye opening. I built a career around it. In my early twenties, during the stage of life when people are...

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