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Reckoning with Digital Inequity in Place Based Community Revitalization. Journal of Public and Non-Profit Affairs. (2023)

Abstract: Place-based community development in America has a rich history. Practices and procedures for successful redevelopment are supported by lobbying efforts, public administration, policy, federal funding, and the efforts of non-profits dedicated to neighborhood revitalization. Community revitalization work is often centered around specific geographic locations, while in recent decades modern technology has caused social networks to become increasingly geographically disparate. Social networks have been demonstrated to support the economic mobility that community development strives to create. However, the impact of modern technology on place-based community development has not been clearly understood. Increasing digitalization has impacted the effectiveness of place-based social equity efforts such as community organizing, affordable housing and economic development, and financial capability interventions. This essay explores how place-based community organizing led to the creation of current policies that govern community development, how technology has impacted urban communities and how these changes may subsequently affect social equity objectives in public administration.

Staying Power – Preserving Local Ownership in Gentrifying Cities.  National Cooperative Business Association Journal. (2017)

Abstract: “The cooperative movement champions the concept of ownership, but in a way that levels the playing field and redistributes profits among its members and its community.” This article discusses how cooperatives can play a leading role in preserving local ownership in neighborhoods that are changing.


Just One Q Podcast

Learn how organizations can create an environment of high impact and performance with a focus on wellness.

Notes on Resilience

Resilience is a mindset. Three systems are necessary for thriving, and companies and local organizations play a big role in cultivating resilience. Listen to learn more.

Digital Tech & Place Based Development

What role does technology play in how organizations think about leadership and culture? Take 25 minutes out of your day to learn more.


What Business Can Learn From Social Movements

Chicago, Illinois is the place I call home. The Windy City is recognized for its hardball politics and organizing history. In the late 1800s, the Pullman Strike led to major advances in improved labor law. Saul Alinsky, a well known community activist, spent his...

If You Want to Run a Business, You Need to Know Your Blind Spots

Owners, executives, and bosses hold their own businesses back. That statement might hit a little hard if you fit the description. You might protest and say, “No, it’s the market!” or “it’s the competition!” or “it’s our lack of ___________(fill in the blank with your...


Grant Writing

“We absolutely loved working with you on the grants! The grants were VERY WELL written, you
took really good care of the client and you were able to get them in well before the
deadline. This is a huge relief for us and we will definitely like to work with you on more grants!”
– Scott Butterfield, Your Credit Union Partner

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